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Garden Log Cabins

Garden Log Cabins

Garden Log Cabins

Garden log cabins are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Originally the garden log cabin was more of a continental idea. In the UK the traditional garden shed or summerhouse has largely held sway.

Whilst our continental cousins were enjoying the relative luxury of the log cabin hot tub, the log cabin sauna and the garden log cabin, we Brits thought we were blessed with our draughty old garden sheds.

No longer! We too can now take pleasure and pride in our UK garden log cabins. True, the vast majority are made from Scandinavian pine, milled and engineered in Europe. Still, search hard and you will find 100% UK garden log cabins designed and built right here in Blighty.

Log cabins for the garden include corner log cabins and generally small log cabins suitable for the back garden.

Unlike its distant relative the garden shed, the garden log cabin, built correctly, will last for decades and give untold hours of log cabin garden pleasure.