Rowlinson Log Cabins Rowlinson log cabins are made by the Rowlinson Group, a family owned UK timber company established in 1926. Rowlinsons make a wide range of garden products and have an elegant selection of log cabins and summer houses.

It’s fair to say that Rowlinsons log cabins have a more anglo-centric design with a much greater design nod to the traditional British garden shed or summer house than most of the euro-centric chalet-style log cabins on the market. Indeed if what you are looking for is, in fact, less of a euro-cabin and more of a British style shed deluxe then Rowlinsons may well have the answer with their Marsden, Eaton, Chatsworth or Arley models. These garden buildings have walls of timber uprights supporting shiplap cladding rather than interlocking logs.

However if what you want is a european style chalet log cabin manufactured by a British company then the Rowlinson Baltic would be more appropriate. Rowlinson log cabins tend to be 28mm log thickness; these types of cabins make ideal summer houses, though lacking the greater insulation properties of thicker logs.

Rowlinson Marsden Log Cabin

Marsden Log Cabin by Rowlinson

The Rowlinson Marsden Log Cabin sits between the British and European traditions being a traditional shed or summer house type design constructed with 22mm pine logs. The Mardsen log cabin would sit very well in a traditional style English ‘cottage’ garden.

Marsden log cabins are very easy to put up but none of the logs can be ordered pre-treated as some other manufacturers offer, so only consider these models if you are prepared to take this job on yourself.

To see the log cabin range from Rowlinson visit Rowlinson Garden Buildings & Rowlinson Log Cabins website.