Log Cabin FAQs

Log Cabin Frequently Asked Questions

Log Cabin Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about log cabins.

We offer independent and practical advice based on experience.

Do I need planning permission for a log cabin?
Maybe. Some cabins will require planning permission, others will not see our planning permission page.

Which manufacturer should I choose?
This is a very good question to ask as not all log cabin makers are the same and you should definitely be thinking about quality of materials as well as design choosing a cabin.

Should I buy a log cabin off the internet from a third party seller?
Short answer; no. A log cabin is a major purchase; go with a reputable well established trader, supermarket or large DIY shed and preferably one that actually makes or at a minimum stocks the cabins themselves.

Should I have my cabin pre-treated?
Yes. It costs a bit more but saves heaps of time and makes for a proper, lasting job.

What log thickness should I choose?
Unless you want some kind of ‘wendy house’ structure choose minimum 44mm log thickness.

What type of base do I need for my log cabin?
A concrete pad is the strongest, most durable base. If the fall of the land dictates, you could consider a raised wooden base. For more see our page on the base

What type of roof should I choose for my cabin?
EPDM looks good, is a doddle to self-install and outlasts the alternatives whilst adding minimum weight to the purlins and deck. Cedar shingles look more rustic, but are pricey. Green roofs would require reinforced purlins due to the extra weight. For more see our page on the roof

Can I build a log cabin myself?
Yes, absolutely. Even if you have never built so much as a rabbit hutch, you will be able to build a log cabin if you are careful, methodical and can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Chances are, you will do a superior job than a so-called ‘professional installer’ who will do a quick rather than a good job. Do it yourself; you’ll have a sense of pride and ownership in ‘your’ cabin. For tips and advice on building a log cabin visit the build your own log cabin page.

What sort of guarantees are offered?
Some log cabin manufacturers offer a ten year guarantee against wood rot on their logs and varying guarantees on manufacturing defects or assembly. All UK traders must (in theory) carry out works with ‘reasonable care and skill’ under the Consumer Protection Act Log Cabins & Consumer Rights

How do I maintain my log cabin?
If you have treated and or painted the cabin properly to begin with you are likely to have to carry out less maintenance or remedial work to your log cabin. Inspect your log cabin regularly and keep the exterior log surfaces clean. As wood expands and contracts as the moisture content varies, natural splits and cracks in the logs may appear, more or less as soon as the cabin is built. Use the correct sealant or caulking to fill where necessary. Check the log finish for cracks and blistering. Sand down, wipe clean and repaint or treat as necessary.

Is a log cabin a green building?
Yes, if you build it yourself using recycled timber.
And yes, if you purchase your log cabin from a timber company that sources their timber from sustainable sources.