Log Cabin in Spring

Enjoying the log cabin in Spring is really what it’s all about. It’s a nice time to be out in the garden, but still cosy and sheltered from any nagging east winds.

In Spring the sun’s rays are very welcome, though with summer round the corner it’s a good time to make preparations against too much glare in the log cabin with window blinds or exterior shutters.

Shutters on log cabin windows make a nice feature. The shutters should ideally be made of a hard wood and treated with wood preserver and stain or paint. Louvred shutters will allow for a cool breeze to enter whilst blocking direct sunlight. You can find these in a variety of sizes ready made, or you could quite easily make your own custom shutters.

Alternatively window blinds that can be rolled down to screen the direct sun are very cost effective. Blackout blinds work the best and are inexpensive.

Outside the log cabin hopefully you are seeing the Spring bulbs come up you planted the previous Autumn. Flowers around the cabin really make going there a joy. They also make it look great from the house.