Hillhout Log Cabins The Hillhout log cabin range offers something for the traditionalist as well as those looking for more modern, contemporary log cabin designs. Hillhout cabins are also marketed as ‘Outdoor Life’.

Founded as a specialist fencing company in Holland in 1970, founder Danny van de Berg has grown the company to a Europe-wide exporter of garden products. Hillhout log cabins only use wood from sustainably managed forests in Central Europe and Scandinavia.

Hillhout create products with garden design in mind and their ‘outdoor living’ concept extends to their more recent log cabin design which are sleek, modern and functional buildings as opposed to many of the more traditional ‘folksy’ style log cabins on the market. Hillhout gazebos and pavillions combine inside and outside space and provide inspiration for interesting contemporary log cabins.

Hillhout IJsland log cabins have a very low profile; with the pent roof height of only just over 2 metres these buildings will sit well in small town gardens and comply with planning regulations as well as look good!

Hillhout distinguish themselves from many of their competitors by offering a ten year guarantee against wood rot on all it’s pre-treated logs. If, as this site always recommends, you are having your cabin pre-treated then this extra guarantee does give some reassurance especially to owners siting their cabins in some of the wetter areas of the UK.

See the Hillhout range and Hillhout Outdoor Life log cabins at Hillhout log cabins website.