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We offer impartial and independent log cabin advice on how to choose the right cabin for your needs.

The problem with a lot of log cabin advice you get on the net is that it’s written by sales people with vested interests in selling you models they supply rather than finding you a cabin that fits your requirements.

Unfortunately the log cabin sales industry is more or less unregulated, so it’s very much a case of buyer beware. We advise you of some of the many pitfalls along the road to choosing your new garden building or home office.

We review every major manufacturer and many individual log cabin kits. Why not submit your review to the site or join our forum?

We guide you through the important choices. Which cabin to choose? Can I build a cabin myself?

Ultimately, the best way to get the cabin of your dreams is to build it yourself; we explain why this is the best log cabin advice you will ever hear.

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