Bertsch Log Cabins

Bertsch Log Cabins

Bertsch or Bertsch Holzbau (BHB) is a German design and manufacturing company making quality timber buildings and log cabins.

Bertsch select only first class northern European Nordic fir trees from either Sweden or Norway for their logs. Not only do they select, but also profile and mill the timber producing high grade logs for their in-house designed cabins; though they can also produce made to order customised buildings to your own measurements.

Bertsch log cabins have a number of distinctive features. Bertsch can not only make the cabin to your unique specifications but will also custom make the doors and windows to your individual specifications. Each window can be fitted with optional shutters. other options include porches, canopies, fitted flower boxes and Georgian-style window glazing bars. All locks and fittings are German precision manufactured for a high-end finish.

Cabin names tend to follow European cities or American states and range from the smaller Ashford, Eskdale or Linz to the larger Mississippi, Rome or Glasgow log cabin models. Roof heights vary with several fairly well suited to smaller town gardens, being under the allowable maximum 2.5 metre roof height restriction (within 2 metres of a boundary) imposed by UK planning regulations. Bertsch make a variety of timber structures; for example their prefabricated garden summer houses are built by the manufacturer and can even be delivered pre-painted in a choice of colours. Bertsch log cabins can be supplied pre-oiled in a variety of colours; BHB wood oil is not a permanent protection but does offer some protection prior to correct treatment or paint application.

Bertsch themselves describe their log cabins as follows, “our buildings are solid, well constructed and offer a great price/performance ratio”. Bertsch are not the cheapest cabins on the market but their ability to supply custom made log cabins makes them an attractive choice for those seeking a bespoke design.

Not all Bertsch log cabins are assembled with interlocking logs. Some, like their more recent Cara log cabin model is constructed with a prefabricated post and beam with detailed instructions for assembly. Onto this post and beam structure the factory-drilled logs are fixed with the fixings provided. It makes for ‘cleaner’ lines to the final cabin without the interlocking rounded or squared off sections you get with the interlocking style log cabins; a more modern rather than traditional looking cabin, though such opinions are a matter of personal taste.

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