Tuin Log Cabins Like Finnlife or Lugarde, Tuin is another timber building manufacturing company based in Holland. Tuin, or Tuindeco International BV, started life as a family business but is now one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of graden products in Europe.

Tuin use only slow-grown pine trees from Sweden for their logs. Tuin manufacture a range of log cabin designs with log thicknesses from 28mm to 180mm and they also offer a bespoke service for customers to specify their exact log cabin requirements.

Tuin log cabins feature a special ‘conical’ tongue and groove system. This provides for a tighter finish giving a more solid construction with a superior weather seal. Some inferior cabin makers recommend the use of specialist sealants to seal any gaps between cabin logs; these sealants have to be stripped off and renewed from time to time. So the deeper tongue and groove offering from Tuin is certainly an advantage.

Tuin log cabins can be purchased already factory treated with wood preserver, and even pre-painted with a base and/or top coat applied. The initial wood treatment, which we call tanalisation though in Europe this process is often referred to it as ‘impregnation’, can be done in green or brown and invloves immersing the logs into treatment chemicals which are forced into the top grain under pressure resulting in a longer period of time before the log wood decays. This is a very big advantage for those who lack the time, ability or inclination to treat and paint their new log cabin; all lengthy processes which cannot be skimped if you want your cabin to last. Tuin will even pre-treat the windows, doors and the floor and ceiling packs before shipment. Of course, it should be remembered that even with tanalisation and factory paint applications you will still have to regularly inspect and maintain your log cabin.

Tuin log cabins also compare favourably on price compared to other log cabin manufacturers; the twin advantages of the deeper conical tongue and groove logs, and complete factory treatment and paint application make Tuin log cabins worthy of serious consideration.

For further information go to the tuindeco website to see the Tuin range of log cabins.