Lugarde Barcelona

The Barcelona Log Cabin is manufactured by Dutch company Lugarde. If you buy a Lugarde log cabin it is shipped direct from Holland by Lugarde with any UK retailer acting as an agent only.

The Barcelona log cabin is 2.5 metres by 2 metres with one window and door. But as with any Lugarde cabin you can change the dimensions as much as you like as long as the doors and windows you order can still fit in.

The standard Barcelona model has no double glazing but you can upgrade to double glazed for a little extra. The roof can be supplied as flat or pitched whatever you prefer; the flat roof version is under 2.5 metres the other is not though (if you are siting it within 4 metres of your neighbour’s boundary).

This kit can be supplied in a variety of log thicknesses. The logs themselves can be supplied treated or untreated.

The quality of engineering with Lugarde is very high. The log cabin kit I ordered arrived in perfect condition with no noticeable faults whatsoever – not bad when you consider how many parts each cabin has!

The Barcelona is one of the smallest log cabins you can get. Most cabins are way too big for the average town garden, so this one will fit in better than most. I use mine as a home office and it works fine, especially as its insulated in the floor and ceiling. Bit warm in the summer but cosy enough in winter.

If you are looking for a decent log cabin at a budget price that you can use all year round the Barcelona log cabin from Lugarde is recommended.