Finnforest Log Cabins Finnlife log cabins are produced by Finnforest who manufacture a range of timber products which they export to over 20 countries. Finnforest itself is a subsidiary of the cooperative Metsalitto Group consisting of 130,000 privately owned forests in Finland, and one of the largest forest products companies in Europe.

The Finnlife range of log cabins includes more than thirty different models and the range is constantly being updated, added to and developed. Finnlife are all ‘off the shelf’ models and therefore cannot like, for example, the Lugarde range, be customised or modified by the manufacturer. Many Finnlife cabins are however available to order in different sizes.

When you order a Finnlife log cabin it is shipped and delivered direct by Finnlife using their own in house transport. This makes it very simple for the potential Finnlife customer to cross-compare prices of competing UK distributors, be they major supermarkets, DIY sheds or small log cabin specialist companies. So do shop around. Finnlife cabins offer reasonable value when compared to similar ranges from other log cabin makers. Installation costs will vary, but as is repeated in many pages of this site, the only way to guarantee a satisfactory Finnlife log cabin installation is to do it yourself. One advantage of the Finnlife range is that it is designed to be relatively straightforward to build.

All timber used in Finnlife log cabins is sourced from forests that are sustainably managed. Finnforest support certification as a means of demonstrating that timber has been sourced from sustainable sources. Finnlife use the latest technology to help reduce energy and emissions. Furthermore, as a cooperative, the principles of social and environmental responsibility are key to the company’s ethos.

The Finnlife range of cabins, whilst it doesn’t accommodate the very small micro office type log cabins, ranges from the compact 5 metre squared Ensi and similar Valo, Jarvi, Lampi and Aava cabins through the mid-sized Talo, Kesa, Seita, Kolkka, Tupla, Uusi, Tuleva, Lohi, Mokki, Kallis, Mirva, Riekko and Peili models, and right up to the largest log cabin models in the range such as the Helsinki, Kala, Ulos, Lovisa, Ikkuna, Pori, Helppo, Suoja, Joki, Teeri, Kopello 210 and Sarka 210. A decked terrace is a common, useful and eye-catching feature of many Finnlife log cabins.

It is important to note that very many Finnlife cabins are higher than 2.5 metres so if you are thinking to put one of these cabins within 2.5 metres of the boundary, you should think again. The majority of these cabins are marketed at continental Europe in any case, and take no account of the changes to UK planning laws in 2005.

Finnlife cabins can be supplied with a comprehensive range of optional extras including underfloor heating, insulation, floor packs (real wood oak finish, two choices of laminate), guttering kits and even PIR security alarms. Upgrades include toughened double glazing to windows and doors and space-saving tilt and turn windows. Log thickness varies from 19mm up to 68mm logs.

Find out more about the Finnlife range of log cabins at the Finnforest website. Each Finnlife cabin has its own 3D cabin building presentation which demonstrates just how straightforward the build actually is.