BillyOh is a brandname owned by the Newark, Nottinghamshire-based Kybotech Ltd a specialist online retailer of garden, home and leisure products founded in 2000. Kybotech own and operate a number of garden related websites selling log cabins including which sells only their own BillyOh brand.

Many BillyOh log cabins use just 19mm thick tongue and groove boards or 28mm thick interlocking logs. These thicknesses are very much toward the lower end of the scale of log thicknesses that can be found. Fine for a basic shed or summer house; but would this thickness insulate a home office sufficiently in the winter months?

Basic BillyOh cabin windows are fitted with styrene as opposed to glazing, though some models do offer double glazing. You usually do get what you pay for and styrene windows are not at all the same thing as well designed and engineered factory sealed double glazed tilt and turn windows with decent engineered fittings such as many of the long established Dutch and German log companies offer. For year round comfort in the log cabin, styrene windows are simply not advisable.

Roof coverings tend to be basic mineral roofing felt; there is no option to upgrade to shingles or epdm for instance. Timber is supplied untreated.

BillyOh log cabins are very much in the budget price range, and the features offered are commensurate with that.

Those wishing to see more can visit BillyOh log cabins website.