Lugarde is one of the largest and most important manufacturers of log cabins in Europe.

The company is headquartered in Laren Holland where Lugarde log cabins has two factories supplying distributors in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Lugarde has quite a number of distributors in the UK who are all essentially offering exactly the same product. Once you place your order for a log cabin from a UK agent it is Lugarde who manufacture and deliver the log cabin direct to you the customer.

It is therefore quite easy to compare prices across distributors and find the best deal for the cabin itself, if you are building it yourself. If you also want the log cabin seller to install it, then you will not be comparing like for like since the quality of workmanship and final finish of the cabin will depend entirely on the quality of the installation process.

Note: Lugarde manufacture wonderful precision engineered log cabin kits which will arrive in pristine condition. A poor installation will destroy the cabin in half a day. Choosing the cabin is one thing, installing it is entirely another – you have been warned!

Lugarde have a superb and very adaptable range of summer house type log cabins as well as garages and larger log cabin holiday homes. The Lugarde Prima range includes an array of summer houses and log cabin designs suitable for small and large gardens, though do not forget that you can specify the exact dimensions when you order. They also have a broad selection of 44mm and 68mm log cabin designs with location-based names ranging from the smallest, the Barcelona log cabin (featured in many of the images on this site), the Amsterdam, Odense, Nick, Nebraska and Arizona through to the much larger Madrid, Bordeaux and Timo log cabins which make great annexes or holiday homes.

All Lugarde designs are entirely 100% customisable by you the customer at no additional charge – this is something that all consumers should be aware of and not be afraid to take full advantage. If you want your log cabin to be that wee bit smaller, or larger, to have an extra window, or different height, all of these things are possible. Lugarde effectively make each cabin to order, albeit that many of the units are ‘off the peg’, and that’s how they can cut the timbers to exactly the dimensions you specify.

On the other hand, if you simply want to pick out a log cabin from the hundreds of designs on offer that’s easy enough, though don’t forget to consider carefully and then specify exactly which log thickness, log treatment options, roof type and colouring and upgrades you require. If you don’t go through this process you may get stuck with a cabin you didn’t really want, so do take the time to do it and don’t simply accept what the log cabin seller tells you or offers you. Remember Lugarde can make any log cabin you want.

Lugarde offer a five year guarantee on the log cabin manufacture. Lugarde log cabins may not be the absolute cheapest log cabin kits on the market, though they do offer very good value and the advantage of being able to specify exactly the dimensions you want is very significant compared to other log cabin makers that offer only off the shelf cabin kits.

Lugarde use only pine from northern European countries where regulators ensure a sustainable source of timber such that more trees are replanted than are cut down. Log cabins are shipped from Lugarde in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.

It seems that some high profile log cabin companies offer their own ‘branded’ versions of what are essentially Lugarde log cabins. It’s safer to look first at Lugarde’s own website, decide roughly which model you want, and then do a search for price on the name of that particular model. ‘Own branded’ cabins may well be marked up higher!

The official Lugarde website has a useful guide to designing your own log cabin; of great interest to self-build log cabiners. You can find assembly manuals and construction drawings for each Lugarde log cabin at the official Lugarde website.