Eco Cabin

Eco Log Cabin

Building your own eco cabin is the ultimate log cabin challenge.

It’s so easy to buy a log cabin kit from the emerging log cabin industry. Have your kit delivered right onto your drive. Ready-machined timber and factory-made materials shipped in from thousands of miles away trucked in on a cellophane-wrapped pallet. Follow the instruction booklet and you too will have a cabin exactly the same as thousands of others.

Log Cabin Building Using Straw, Mud and Recycled Bottles

Locally Sourced Materials

It takes a lot more thought and imagination to eschew the consumerist route, and fashion your own log cabin building path using only recycled and locally sourced materials. Building an eco cabin using sustainable building practices will result in a more aesthetically pleasing structure that you can truly claim as your own.

Chances are the eco cabin will be cooler in summer, warmer in winter and cheaper to build too.
Recycled Eco Cabin
Different cultures around the world have different building techniques based on the materials that are found locally. In the UK we have plentiful timber, stone, straw, sheepswool and clay and also no shortage of man-made materials to recycle. With a little imagination and some research you can come up with your own unique eco cabin blueprint.

Online you can discover communities of like-minded eco-builders who will offer help and advice, perhaps in return for food and lodging. Alternatively you can help out on local eco projects to gain experience before starting your own eco log cabin build.

Using local stone, locally-sourced roundwood timber, barley straw bales and lime plaster you can literally build the eco log cabin of your dreams.
Eco Cabin