Eurovudas is headquartered and has its production facilities in Lithuania with smaller depots in Spain and the UK. Eurovudas Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of timber buildings in Europe and has an extensive log cabin range.

Eurovudas log cabins compete fairly well on price, if not exactly budget range, though the range offered is more limited to the traditional chalet style log cabins. Indeed, Eurovudas themselves describe their cabins as “economy range”.

As for log thickness, Eurovudas can manufacture cabin logs in 28mm, 34mm, 44mm and 68mm widths. Eurovudas cabins do not appear to have quite the same range of options other large European manufacturers advertise. However they have recently begun offering the service of building custom made log cabins to customer specifications.

This combined with their competitive prices makes Eurovudas at least worth considering.

For more go to Eurovudas’ official UK site (which is not to be confused with similar web addresses).